Do you remember educational paths during trips to nature reserves? They led to attractions, interesting plants, through a strangely shaped anthill to animal habitats shaded by trees. In the future Centre for Science and Technology we will lead our guests in a similar manner using three educational paths. Step by step, we will show them the most interesting issues connected with the selected topics, invite them to conduct their own experiments, and occasionally awe them with mapping, "enlivening" the century-old devices of the former Łódź power plant. We have invited three substantive partners to work on creating the EC1 Centre for Science and Technology: the University of Łódź, Łódź University of Technology and the Medical University of Łódź.


Univertity of Łódź The institution took patronage over the substantive programme for two educational paths organised in the form of permanent exhibitions at the Centre for Science and Technology.
The first, "Development of knowledge and civilisation", will be devoted to phenomena arising from the laws of physics and chemistry. The second, "Micro world – macro world", will present content on atomic and subatomic physics, as well as chemistry, geology and astrophysics.
Joint efforts will include many fields of activity. Animators and lecturers appointed by the university will prepare and conduct workshops implementing the Centre's substantive programme. They will also initiate and prepare temporary exhibitions. Of course the Centre will not be devoid of research activities such as seminars, conference and workshops, as well as actions aimed at popularising science. The University of Łódź will be supported in all of its initiatives by the Centre's employees and volunteers.


University of Technology The university took patronage over two educational paths: "Energy conservation" and "Micro world – macro world" (in the part devoted to the micro world). The paths will be in the form of permanent exhibitions.
The "Energy conservation" path refers to the history and character of the former Łódź power plant complex. It will lead one through the interiors of the historical switchboard, machinery, boiler buildings and cooling tower. Due to the use of modern solutions, including multimedia and holograms, some places will seem "x-rayed" to visitors, enabling them to look inside and see, e.g. the moment of energy generation. The path will end in the control room. Here, tourists will be able to play a strategy game connected with energy management and conservation.

The "Micro world – macro world" path will comprise multimedia, interactive presentations on micro- and nanosystems, atomic and subatomic physics, as well as chemistry, including molecular chemistry. Sounds terrifying? Not exactly, because Łódź University of Technology has extensive experience in popularising scientific achievements. It organises and actively engages in campaigns such as picnics, science festivals, exhibitions and educational fairs. Preparing its initiatives for young people, it effectively demystifies fears resulting, for instance, from scientific names. Additionally, some of the students will have a chance to undergo training and internship programmes in the EC1 Centre for Science and Technology.


Medical University of ŁódźOn July 8th, 2015, a cooperation agreement between EC1 Łódź – City of Culture and the Medical University of Łódź was signed.
The Medical University will participate in equipping stations for the three educational paths constituting the permanent exhibition of the Centre for Science and Technology. The stations are to fuse entertainment with the transfer of valuable knowledge about the human body. Elements of play and gamification will also help with... health screening connected to the skeletal system. The first station will be set up within the "Development of knowledge and civilisation" path. The Medical University will also take part in preparing workshops and scientific conferences.